Old world christmas ornaments

Old world christmas ornaments 2012

The celebration of Christmas has been a great event for many generations all over the world, and vintage Old world christmas ornaments have had a significant role in the family for Christmas last three centuries.

There are many legends that circulate in the earliest Christmas tree decorated and placed first. But the authenticity of the versions says that the first decorated Christmas tree in Riga, Latvia in 1510. And so, in 1521, German people from the region of Alsace, a decorated fir as a Christmas tree. These early Christmas trees were decorated with natural edible decorations, such as apples, strings of popcorn, nuts, biscuits, sweets, etc. In the past evergreen trees were a symbol of regeneration and growth of a new spring.

Old world christmas ornaments 2012Transformation to edible decorations Old world christmas ornaments of them started in the 17th century. The Germans used colored paper, nutshell painted gold, and the empty egg shells to make the first vintage Christmas ornaments. One of the inventor of the machine designed for producing silver tinsel. The silver wire was used in ornamental trees successful.

One of the very interesting story has come to our manager name, like blown glass ornaments first. Hans Greiner lived in Lauscha, Germany in the late 16th century. A lean years, he did not have fruit to decorate the family Christmas tree. But that man was a master glassblower, and he made a glass apples, nuts, and pears which are then painted with their children. These decorations are well liked by the household and friends of Hans Greiner. And after a while, it’s fantastic idea spread to other glassblowers and Lauscha. Skeptics have argued that the first glass Christmas tree ornaments were made much later, in the early 19th century. Anyway, the German town of Lauscha the main center for the production of vintage glass Christmas ornaments for 1890.

This gorgeous custom decorating an evergreen tree at Christmas won the hearts of the people of many countries. Old Russia was one of the first countries in the list. In 30 In the 19 century, put the Russian Prince Menshikov up its first factory in the Christmas decorations on his land, near the Russian town of Klin. Skilled glassblowers and Masters worked there for him. But bought all these Menshikov decorations of the Russian imperial court and pay a lot of money. The Russians took from various German vintage Christmas ornaments for 1914.

Old world christmas ornaments ideasGerman immigrants and Hessian soldiers took the original design decorated Old world christmas ornaments as part of North America 2 Part 18 century. But a fun tradition came to be enjoyed with great success in the United States until the mid-19th century. Here is an interesting story about the Christmas pickle ornament. It should not be used to participate in the German Christmas celebration. During the Civil War, a wounded soldier was arrested and put in prison Andersonville, Georgia. He had been in prison for many months, and grew very weak and depressed. And one day figured to ask the military guard joint pickle. Warder pity prisoner of war, and ended up giving him. The military had survived and returned from captivity. He told his family that the pickle gave him the courage and will to live and be hopeful.

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