Window dressing ideas

Window dressing ideas for bedrooms

Nice window setting is important to be dressed beautifully. Window dressing ideas consist of giving extra effort for window to enhance its performance and make it match into interior home design. Windows dressing could be curtains, pole, pelmet, panels, and other complementary stuff of window. There are many ways to dress windows as your choices to fit it as well. Begin from curtain by the way. Curtains are fabric made that may color your window as much it is. You see, thousands of curtain patterns, such stripes, lines, dots, or many ideas design of fabric curtain. Not to mention, curtain materials are also vary from the thin fabric into thick and glamorous type that derives your window into wealth one. With bay or straight window that you have, you can dress it based on your style, your demand of art, and price tag that you are able to buy.

Window dressing ideas for bedroomsDressing pole within windows dressing ideas means how you choose right blinds for windows curtains. Adjust the dressing process with demand of windows setting that you want. If you are willing to have privacy window but stay pretty, you can try double pole for the right suggestion. Within double pole design, sheer and curtain are hanged align. But remember they draw in different blinds. Curtain is cut into two side equally, while both has its own pole. This double pole design is proven sweet and lovable by everyone with cute home style. It spread sweetness and it is open and close balanced in two sides of pole, right and left. Get floral and modern pattern of curtain for natural sense and it may give fresh feeling inside the room.

Window dressing ideas designHereby, windows dressing ideas are quite complex. Do not ever think window is just square hole with glass mostly used for lighting and airy process and then you let it away. Window is also main part of interior that will enhance house perform while you can maintain it correctly. Curtain choice, blind and pole setting are needed to look match each other for the best construction. Those ideas above may become inspiration to take care on home design more for endless joy able feeling of living.

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