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Everyone loves flowers, but children in particular, to do it. The flowers are usually seen as girly things, and it is certainly true that, in particular, large flowers can be a bit too girly, but even the guys want to have a room that looks like a garden and the garden of flowers. Sure, they want more attention to the creepy crawlies as garden vegetation, but it does not look right without flowers. There Wall stickers flowers come in, so they come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes, which means a child’s room can look great.

Flower, who lives in the clouds

Once, the flowers began to grow, and each of them chose where they wanted to live and what colors they wanted the petals. Straw decided to stay on the field and give the world the green. Daisy laughed and said that it lives in all the fields. Poppy, clover, cornflower and buttercup all enjoy the daisy idea. Water Lily wanted to live near the water, which made the cowslips, iris, and Jack’s pulpits. Forget-me-nots and wood violets wanted to stay in the shade, because they were shy. Pansies, Hollyhocks, Sweet Williams and roses want to live in gardens where they would be touched and stroked. Cactus wanted to be the heat.

Nestled in the mountains

All the space on earth was, but no one wanted to go to the mountains. There was no food, no heat and no heat. They felt that the gray moss should cover the rocks, but also the moss really does not. Mosen said that it will heat, food, moisture. But, said all the other flowers, moss had to go, Moss was the only one who was not chosen. Up and up he climbed, a place for all deserted and silent. He climbed even higher, with the top of the clouds and the mountains were snow and ice. All of a sudden it stopped in amazement, staring at what he saw.

Star-shaped flowers

Wall stickers flowers ideasHere, in this area, where no one wanted to live, so moss beautiful Wall stickers flowers in the shape of a star. It was also thriving. Flower was white as snow, beautiful soft yellow heart. Its leaves are wrapped in a soft wool, to protect it from the cold. Gray moss stopped and asked a small flower why it was here, and how it was able to live. After everything was not heat, no food, and had no moisture. Little Wall stickers flowers looked up and said that it was called Edelweiss. It is said that he felt his presence was necessary to have clarity in the solitude of the mountains. No one told it to come, it just seemed that the mountains needed it.

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