Low voltage outdoor lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting ideas

Low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures to create a safe sure the lights in your home and garden. They come in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and can be easily installed on the owner. Find high-quality construction, you can spend as little as $ 10.00 feature or even $ 200.00 for brass fixture. Avoid the cheap imports of all plastic fixtures that they are poorly made and will not last long outdoors. We recommend the purchase of your outdoor lighting kit and save a few bucks. High-quality packaging costs $ 100.00 and $ 200.00.

Low voltage outdoor lighting ideasLow voltage outdoor lighting kits usually include six well-made all the fittings, 100 meters from the low voltage wire number 16, which connects them together, six lamps and a step-down transformer, which converts standard 120 volt house current voltage to 12 volts. The difference between the transformer plug into the wall and then sends a 12-volt power to all fixtures. The larger the value of buy expandable lighting package step-down transformer rated twice the effect of the total games it contains. Expandable means that the transformer power additional devices as needed.

Low voltage outdoor lighting landscapeLow voltage outdoor lighting is done in many different styles. Spotlights focus on light wood or highlight important architectural features of your home. Select a kit, which includes a halogen lamp light beam is directed. Path Spot Light is ideal for lighting the main plant landscaping or walkways. Use Tier accent furniture narrow paths they direct light downward. Other fixtures spread light down to illuminate everything from wide circle of radius. Post light fixtures with halogen lamps, better control of the light and is suitable for replacing existing gas or 120 volt lamp posts.

Low voltage outdoor lighting installation