Travertine Stone Floors


If you are looking for a stylish natural flooring then look no further than the Travertine Stone Floors. Architects, interior designers and homeowners love it because it looks warm and worn. This stone can be polished to shine. Travertine stone has been in great demand since the ancient time. Today, this requirement is around 0850000 tonnes in the United States alone. Italy is the main site of this stone, after the United States, where it is found in the western U.S. region. This stone has also been found in Turkey, Mexico and Peru. Italian travertine rock is considered the best, and for this reason it is more expensive than other varieties.

Travertine Stone Floors kitchen ideasTravertine Stone Floors come in two versions. First of all, it is a natural stone that is corroded and worn looking. Another is filled and polished. Another option is a glossy surface, and the homeowners and interior designers as the other committees. Colors in this stone varies from a warm red to gray, but people like sandy tan color the most. Sometimes people mistake this stone is marble. After filling and polishing, travertine tile looks marble and limestone. In its natural form, see this stone similar to limestone. People confuse the worn surface of the stone surface of the soft limestone.

Travertine Stone Floors decorNatural travertine floors undoubtedly make beautiful flooring material, but there are some factors you need to consider when renovating or decorating your home this stone. These pieces require ideal installation practices and careful maintenance. Sight installation neglect and apathy to maintain these tiles can make plates seem boring. The problem with these tiles is that they are very sensitive and the use of commercial cleaning products may etch plates quickly. On the other hand, ineffective cleaners leave a residue than can kill the gloss tiles.

Travertine Stone Floors careKeeping Travertine Stone Floors look sparkling clean and new, sweeping the tiles with a soft brush twice a day. In this way, you can collect the loose dust and debris. After sweeping, wipe with a damp mop. Dip the mop with clean water and wipe the floor with. Avoid walking on wet floor. Once the tiles are dry, you can go over them without fear. If there is moisture left on the floor when you wipe the discs dry cleaning carpet. This prevents you from hand towel sheets.