Spooky Halloween Party Décor Tips and Ideas

Halloween party decor ideas

For your Halloween party, there are always resources for your Halloween party decor, props and accessories. You can also get all kinds of traditional spooky items by looking around the discount stores. For sure, those items will scare your party guests. Find out new ideas around your city. Everyone must have a unique Halloween display that catches eye. It is okay to use those ideas for your own indoor or outdoor party. From traditional to new-age, there are some inexpensive decorating tips and ideas to set the creepiest mood possible.

Halloween party decor ideasFirst, you can make spooky Halloween entrance. You can frame it with dried corn husks and a garland of oak leaves. Paint ghostly bottle-gourd scarecrows with white color, and then add features in black felt tip. They were also speared on sticks and planted in Styrofoam blocks inside urns.

Halloween party decor adultsSecond, create pumpkin greeting in mini pumpkins and gather at a prominent and stationery location. You may pencil letters on hollowed pumpkins and bore holes to form each letter. You can use a drill with a half-inch bit. Then, gather strings of Christmas-tree lights in small bunches and illuminate each pumpkin. You can unscrew bulbs where the string descends to the row.
Third, a jack-o-lantern is a must on Halloween party decor. Use some stencils to carve or paint scary faces on your pumpkins. Then, add the traditional touch to your party.

Halloween party decor ideas scaryFourth, you can make spooky tree for your own Halloween party decor. Choose bare-limbed trees. They will provide the perfect ghostly perch for your jack-o-lanterns and candle lanterns. You have to make sure the tree limbs are sturdy enough so they can support the weight of the items you are hanging. Don’t overdecorate because it can lessen the overall effect. Some use funkins which are especially good for this project. They are lightweight and will not rot.

Fifth, create spider webs. This is one of the most cost-effective decorations because you need only to buy the fake spider webs. Also, they are inexpensive even you can find them at local discount store. If you want to make your own spider webs, you can use cotton batting found in the crafts department. Don’t forget to put some creepy, fake spiders on the webs. You can also add some fake bugs for your spider’s victims.

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