Room designs in black and silver

Room designs in black and silver ideas

Want to decorate your bedroom with silver? Silver is the color gray infused with metallic luster. When included in the room decoration, the effect can be very striking. It may be hard to imagine using a Room designs in black and silver in the bedroom, but there are a number of opportunities where you can put a little luxury space.

Metallic Wall Finishes
It is possible to purchase silver paint bedroom walls. Painting each wall a metallic shade may be overkill, but you can choose one of the walls, including the wall behind the bed, do an accent wall. Another option is to hang a silver background. Consider a subtle silvery sheen or choose a model that includes some of the wires. Again, a bold pattern, you may want to limit it to just one accent wall.

Silver Bedroom Furniture
Room designs in black and silver ideasBedroom furniture is available in metal finishes like brushed nickel and chrome. Consider purchasing a Room designs in black and silver, or a more subtle effect, find dressers that have metal handles or other metal accents. If you have an old dresser in the chest, or you want to renew, you can paint it a metallic tone.

Silver Bedding and Bedroom
One of the most popular ways to incorporate silver into your bedroom decor scheme is by purchasing a metal bed linens. Find a comforter or throw pillows in this color to add on top of the bed. Satin sheets are often available in soft gray that looks like silver. Try mixing several shades of gray for an especially elegant look.

Other Accessories
Room designs in black and silver decorIf you just want to add a touch of Room designs in black and silver decor, consider adding some accessories to finish. Hang a large mirror silvery frame. You can buy candles and picture frames in metal finish. Group a few on your dresser or nightstand, or scatter them throughout the room to add some sparkle to the space.

Although silver may not seem like an obvious choice for a bedroom, it is versatile and pairs with many other colors. Try to connect it with cool shades like blue, black or green. If you want to add more color, pair it with purple, orange or red. The bedroom interior design can only benefit from a touch of silver.

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