Rooftop vegetable gardens

Rooftop vegetable gardens 2012

When looking to buy or rent property, most people think, there is a garden in the backyard or front? They do not necessarily think of garden space on the roof. But Rooftop vegetable gardens are some of the most beautiful, special and secret places. In addition, they are very space-saving, especially in the big cities where there is little room for green.

Depending on the space you have, there are many things you can do with your roof.

1. If you have a roof:

If the roof to look more like garden, but you want to add some green, and start building some planter boxes and planting flowers. You can also start a small vegetable garden. You might want to break up a few boxes of small trees, and maybe some large potted plants. Add a table, chairs and BBQ, and you are ready for summer fun!

2. If the roof is already in the forest grow out of it:

Rooftop vegetable gardens 2012If you find that your roof is old growth trees, shrubs and grass growing on it, so take it and go the extra mile to create a little secret Rooftop vegetable gardens. Plants, shrubs, build a gazebo, buy a couple of wooden benches and some wrought iron chairs. All you need is a stone fountain or pond, and you’ve pretty much got the most romantic place on earth, sitting on the roof!

3. If price is no object:

If you have money and are lucky enough to live in a place that is warm all year round, why not put the pool on the roof? Buy loungers, umbrellas and enjoy some summer in your life. With the set up can be a big party and get the gorgeous tan.

4. If it is for commercial use

Rooftop vegetable gardens ideasRestaurants, bars and nightclubs that are on the roof gardens usually a big hit, especially in the summer months. Dancing, drinking and dining room, a beautiful Rooftop vegetable gardens terrace is a great way to spend an evening. Nothing really says summer like an outdoor music.

Rooftop vegetable gardens decorating