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Roof top gardens, which is also known as a green roof, as the name suggests, a garden on the roof of crops. There are several potential benefits of rooftop gardening. First, it can reduce the negative effects of air pollution on the environment. This is due to the fact that plants absorb carbon dioxide in the air and then converting it into oxygen before being discharged into the air, because the plants are able to absorb some of the additional higher amounts of CO2 in the air, they can improve the quality of the surrounding atmosphere.

Roof top gardens ideasOther environmental benefits of Roof top gardens is that increased energy savings, because the plants provide a natural insulation on top of the roof reflects heat and light. This extra insulation can reduce the need for cooling and heating mechanisms, which significantly reduces energy use in the home, and then come home utility costs. An additional benefit that the insulation blocks as well as interference from outside.

In addition, the roof potential to protect the weakened and damaged roofs. As we all know, the life cycle of the roof can be compromised significantly because of the harsh ultraviolet radiation, excessive wind, or just difficult to unbearable temperatures. As such, the roof garden, a major obstacle, as is the ability to protect the roof of this house less likely to replace or repair your roof after a while.

Roof top gardens decoratingSet Point, a Roof top gardens to help growers who are shrubs, bushes or plants that are attacked small animals and pests. Transplanting plants can further contribute to reducing pests, and also prevents animals and humans Trampling sensitive plants mostly occur when the plants are in the country. Roof Garden in March freeing up valuable space, and what’s more, it will increase the aesthetic value of the home.

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