Retro Bedroom furniture design

Retro Bedroom furniture design ideas

Memory never fails to bring what we feel back to our old days. Some people want to keep the memory with them whenever they are going. For some people even the slightest memory can make them feel so comfortable. Having a retro bedroom furniture could be the one that shows fondest of memory. Retro touch will make us go back the old days that filled with calming atmosphere. Midcentury furniture is somehow related to the brown color so that should be the main point of attention in decorating bedroom in vintage.

Retro Bedroom furniture design ideasRetro bedroom furniture can be obtained from the seat furniture, bed and wall pictures or accessories that can be filled into a bedroom. From the seating package, we need to see the main feature of retro seating is the combination of sofa and wood. Retro seating means a slighty high sofa with feet on the side of sofa. Some people combined the retro style or feet-sofa by made a round sofa with one feet like the office chair. I guess that will be so comfortable. The next item that can be designed as retro touch is of course the main one, the bedroom. As I said before, the core color of retro or vintage is brown. Then you can just put the bed cover in brown colour or in a combination of white-brown, coffee brown or white. The next one to add more retro vibe inside the house, you can put a retro glossy red mini car on the table as pen holder or just a decoration. Or then, if you like, you can display some painted plates on the wall. Don’t forget to have a striped white wallpaper on your house to make an illusion that your wall is made from wood which painted white.

Retro Bedroom furniture design decorOne other furniture that will bring the retro vibe is the curtain. Choose a long white curtain with floral pattern in light brown of course, no other color than brown and its combination. Adding lace on the curtain will also gives the retro scent as long as noble touch. So are you ready to have your retro bedroom furniture?

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