Purple colored rooms

Purple colored rooms ideas

Purple colored rooms has long been considered a difficult color to correspond to, and it is not recommended in interior design. But today it is one of the trendiest colors! A subtle blend of blue and red, purple suits a wide range of colors to create an original and very modern atmosphere.


Purple colored rooms ideasParadoxical union of two opposite, red and blue, purple suggests mystery, wealth, but also melancholy and sensuality, which is the dominant blue or red. Violet is known, because it can help us find inner harmony. The study color, Purple colored rooms is considered a relaxing color, but also promoted by favoring female sexuality and creativity! Complex and rich in meaning, purple to convey an excellent psychological health!

Violet through the ages

This color has long been associated with the mystique of Western symbolism: indeed, the Catholic religion is the color of clothing worn by the bishop and the priests during Advent and Lent. In addition, the symbol nobility and aroused little interest before the 70th century, when it was also a revolution in the field of furniture!

Violet, Black Light Option

Purple colored rooms decorPurple colored rooms has the ability to emulate the simplicity of black, a very popular halls or rooms, but offers much more brightness. Shades of dark and electric violet, it seems clear and stylish. Today, designers purple quite often! This color has become very fashionable and you may wonder why. Violet is a feature that gives the impression of luxury to the simplest elements.

Violet in the living room

Violet is very often used to dress up rooms: elegant, modern and dense, creating a sober atmosphere and design. Some people use the walls of the room: it helps them get a black or gray furniture without a depressing result and violet can trigger the impression of a bigger space! In fact, purple, such as blue and red, gives depth to any space.

Purple colored rooms modern