open shower design for smart bathing

Open shower design 2012

Still about scale problem people are imposed to do anything for efficient goals. It leads innovation of open shower design for spacious looking of room. It is commonly made in modern living style which let people to do simple and not complicated. While threshold is thought so complicated, just make it without threshold, so you can save your time for open and close the door with anything that is more useful for your competitive life. This way is much used in modern apartment, which is conducted effectively for the residents. Business man who is living there does not have much time just to get shower and brushing tooth. Thus it is made into simpler idea through combine them just in one spacious room. Some even more extreme with placing no door between bedroom and bathroom. Both are blend in one scale of room and you are proceeded to see someone bathing while you are seeping.

Open shower design 2012But anyway, this idea is popularly used for them who are still alone. They live separately from family and have no spouse yet. Open shower design is so much helpful since you do not need to provide spacious or wider room to be a function able living space. There are many ways to create open shower, such placing bathtub and shower above, and also put a flushed closet there. This way forces you to keep the area dried. Another manufacture of open shower design means that you have your own room of bathroom but the shower area is less of curtain. Curtain was used before in past time to close the shower area while you are flushing your head and body there.

Open shower design ideasIt is thought ineffective because who will see you while bathing if you have closed the bathroom door, thus, open shower design is empowered and commonly used for any kind of bathroom design. It saves scale anyway because you do not need to put curtain or build threshold just to close your shower activity which is already being private right after you close the door of bathroom. You can think it rationally.

Open shower design decor

Open shower design without door