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Minimalist wardrobe design ideas

In recent months, I have thought many lessons and the journey of the concept of minimalism fashion. I’ve learned a bit of research and read other people’s thoughts Minimalist wardrobe design in recent months, but the light shone personal experience eventually led me to realize how liberating it is a minimalist can be.

I spent a week with my two best friends travel to a small hatchback Subaru, covering 1200 km open road, which begins in Georgia, rotate the southeast, up the coast of the Atlantic, and finally ending a long trip back to Tennessee. It was a great experience, but the three of us live like a small car, I needed to think of minimalism when I was packing.

To my surprise it was one of the most liberating tasks I have taken in the past.

Only a small bag and purse, I can only get a limited amount of clothes, and a nice pair of shoes that would be all.

Minimalist wardrobe design ideasBefore I left, it worried me a little that I would get bored with what I did, to have something else, or be tempted to go to the nearest mall to extend my Minimalist wardrobe design.

Minimalist wardrobe design decorI’m glad the opposite. I knew the options were limited and I had no chance to do laundry, so I never put much thought into what I was wearing that day. Getting ready for the concert we saw going out to dinner or took a moment to Minimalist wardrobe design , and I spent hours in front of the mirror to discuss the social acceptance of my dress fell apart. By the time we leave the hotel and venture into the cities in the south, I felt more confident engaging with new people, to express myself in personality and positive energy instead of the material covers the body.

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