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korean living room design ideas

If you look around what kind of style which is booming in this time? Many of you may say Korean pop and Korean style. Korean here could be meaning as South Korea, even if the country is still involved in boundary conflict with North Korea. But here we would not discuss about that, but more on how Korean style influence in building design, home interior design, and room maintenance. Korean living room design is known years ago and now it is improved well with many chic things apart. As like Korean lifestyle, it combines traditional accent with futuristic touch for symbol of convenience and well living. From who does not even know about Korean traditional concept, you can imagine how Japan and Chinese are mostly made. Those countries are quite similar since they are borders anyway. It let their culture go to a same highlight.

korean living room design ideasOne main thing from Korean living room design is almost always use wooden floor. It is symbol of East Asia as well, since there is so cold in winter and wood is so much perfect for all seasonal changed. While the weather is cold, wooden floor may warm you up, and when it is summer and hot, the floor could you down, or at least cozy for laying. The next part is Korean traditional painting. It is usually about natural or Korean kingdom as the object of painting with natural color as well. It is drawn well by Korean art worker for the best and artistic painting.

korean living room design decorFor furniture and furnishing Korean living room design is almost similar with other ideas, using cozy sofa and table and also complete with huge cushions somehow for beautiful looking and creating comfort zone for families. For another touch of Korean, you may add another ornament detail symbol of Korea, to cheer it up and highly declare that the living room uses Korean taste. There are so many sources to see the example in pictures and photos, so you can see the actualization about Korean touch that we have learnt above. Have nice mix and matching for your Korean room design.

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