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Lighting can be a very difficult trick to master. Shadows Berger colour shades image can be very difficult to describe properly. Subscribers do not always draw the shadows very realistic, but to draw shapes, which are meant to symbolize the shadows. These sharp shapes may be very neat appearance. Other artists attempt to capture the light in a more realistic to use airbrushing, stippling, hatching or shading a number of other techniques. Whatever technique you want to use, many of the principles of lighting is the same. For example, no matter what shade you are, you need to figure out where the light source is.

Berger colour shades image ideasLighting plays a big role in the format and make the picture look more 3D. To truly understand the lights, see the objects in different lights and keep the logic of continuous light. Lamps are the points on which the light comes from, such as the sun or the lights on. Only by doing this lighting to trick your eyes to see the whole picture Berger colour shades image so realistic. Be sure to watch how the different shapes, such as cubes, spheres, pyramids, cylinders and cones, and view the forms of all kinds of lighting and time of day.

If you have a pen in hand, there are a few ways that you can shadow.

1. Scribbling

Intuitive way to tone is lubricated with swirling pencil, to spend more time shaking the areas that are supposed to be more shaded. But this is not the only way.

2. Spot

You can also use the stipple method, which involves placing a large number of points closer to or further away from each other.

3. Crosshatch

You can also use the grid method, where you can do a number of X characters, press lighter as you move toward the more well-lit parts.

4. Hatching

Berger colour shades image decoratingFinally, you can use the vertical lines, some lines thicker and closer to each other, while the other lines are spread apart. Some of Berger colour shades image methods can be very useful when the shading color image. Color, you can also add some of the highlights by adding white part of the image. But do not use pure white. Make sure that the color is white blends.

5. Airbrush
If you use a graphics program, you can use the airbrush tool set of pixels in a non-uniform way.

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