Bathroom with bath up design : Basin style half of papaya

Bathroom with bath up design 2012

Bathroom is sometimes really ignored from the details of house. People usually just pay attention to the bedroom, living room or the garden on the front home. However to maximize the comfortable home, we need to adjust everything into our style. For bathroom, people usually love to have shower only to make it more efficient, some other prefer bathup to be more relaxed. And I lately interested on the bathup design and looked for some guidance on bathroom with bath up design. I found one which is really unique this time.

Bathroom with bath up design 2012Dotter and Solfjeld Architechture and Design brought this bathroom with bath up design for everyone. As I looked into the picture, I love how they just put some core item there. I also love how they put a high window on the bath up area to bring the natural sunlight inside the room. The glass wall will then keep the area on the bathup keep warm, remember the glass-house effect? Then I guess this is also implied here. The wall and the floor is covered by the same tile. And instead of the colorful tiles, the designer chooses dark-stone like tiles which will bring the cool sensation for the room. The full tile wall is also good to give wide look. The most unique furniture is each basin has the same shape. It’s a bit difficult to describe it. From my perspective, it looks like a half of papaya and all in white marble which give the elegant vibe on all of the bathroom design. The composition of white ceiling, dark tile stone wall and floor, the brown side of the windows and the contrastive white glossy marble gives the extraordinary look on whole set of bathroom. They put 2 small basin on the cabinet as washing basin and one big same shaped basin as the bathup. I love how they preserve the look into the same basin. The cabinet is low enough to place two washing basin and they paint the cabinet in black and white.

Bathroom with bath up design ideasThose unique and elegant model of bathup can be your reference on buiding your own bathroom with bath up design.

Bathroom with bath up design decor