Roof garden design

Roof garden design ideas

Whether at home or in the office, on the roof of gardening has many advantages that live and work in an urban environment. Urban rooftop garden is meant to bring the natural and man back together, the compound that is sometimes lost in the big cities. The Roof garden design can help insulate the building, improve air quality, help to filter runoff and provide a source of delay in urban food production, increase the value of the building, and to create a beautiful space for lounging or entertaining.

Roof garden design ideasRoof garden design. You can make a container garden on the roof using a variety of pots and outdoor structures, such as grilles, arbors, and maybe even a shed. Potter may consist of individual planters, terracotta pots, rail planters, decorative boxes and hanging planters. You can also use a window box, if you want to spruce up the wall. A wide variety of flowers and vegetables, and even some of the varieties of trees can be grown in containers.

Green roofs. Green roof is just to put a roof covered with vegetation. It is important to line the roof properly to prevent roots from penetrating the building. Green roof garden has several layers, such as waterproofing membrane and root barrier. Extensive green roofs are designed to be self-sustaining and require minimal maintenance. Include cold-tolerant plants and drought-tolerant plants, such as grass, moss or even colorful sedums into the design. Intensive green roofs are used deeper into the soil, and requires the same care as an ordinary garden. Intensive green roofs are a more elaborate landscape design, which may include a container garden.

Roof garden design decorAccessories. Complete the look of some of the outside benches, dining and living room furniture for entertaining or relaxing. Maybe add a winding path through a garden on the roof, roof where travelers priorities. Add an automatic irrigation system to help with the maintenance of garden and outdoor lighting accent has its own Roof garden design still beautiful even at night. Continue to bridge the connection with nature, you can even try to incorporate a pond on the roof of the design, although birdhouses and flowers that attract butterflies in your area.

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