Mini Pool for small Backyard

Mini Pool for small Backyard 2012

I always agree when someone put water furniture whether fountain, pond or even aquarium on their home, they feel so refreshing. The sound of water gives more than just a music, it delivers the natural sound that will make you relax. Then, how about swimming pool? Of course I will say that is the best among all. We can swim, or just playing with water. For me seeing so many waters like that will make me in calm mood, just like when we are in the beach. However, not all of us has enough space for building a swimming pool. Some maybe just have a really small yard. I believe that the small backyard still can be used. We just need to carefully use the space. Therefore I start look for some mini pool for small backyard, and voila I found one interesting one.

Mini Pool for small Backyard 2012The design is coming from Daniel hunter AIA Hunter architecture ltd. As we really have a small area and we want to build a small pool there, we need to make it as efficient as possible. The design make the pool really close to the main building. I feel that it would be better if we can jump directly from the row of windows near the pool. I also imagine sit inside the house and saw the blue water on the pool, so refreshing. To add some sweetness and homy features on this mini pool for backyard the designer put a creeped red flowers on one side of the pool directly to the house. We can find some pot of homy flowers besides the bench and also the big umbrella above it. The chair design is really simple with sofa on it. We can barely find a small sofa on our sunbathing chair isn’t? The small trees, plants on pots and also the creeped red flowers brings the homey feeling for anyone who use this design.

Mini Pool for small Backyard 2012Therefore, designing mini pool for backyard is really possible. What we need to do is always think creatively to make one. And it’s not a bad idea isn’t to make a pool that really close to the house building?

Mini Pool for small Backyard decor



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