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Laminate floor design


Having floor laminating will make your floor looks new and easy to be cleaned. Laminating floor is really good especially in the kitchen because in kitchen the possibility to have the floor get dirty is higher than another room. We want to cover our floor, but we don’t want to lose the aesthetic feeling on our room. Therefore, we need laminate floor design and fortunately a popular brand like Ikea has a good design called Ikea Brand chick laminate floor.

Laminate floor design ideasThis model of laminate floor design is really suitable to be applied on your kitchen. This design is in black color and claimed to be stainless. The dark color will hide some water splash or even food stain which unconsciously left. By laminating the floor, they way we clean the floor will be so much easier. Sometimes we just need to wipe the food stain with the wet tissue and voila the floor is shinning again. So you don’t need to mop the floor everyday because laminating material is really eco friendly and easy to be cleaned.

Laminate floor design decorApart from the effectiveness of the laminate floor design, we can expect more on the design. If you are a really fan of wooden furniture, adding this laminate wood color will surely refresh your mind and brings the traditional sense to your house. If you even really into this wood patterned laminating floor, then you can install this kind of floor on your livingroom, or bedroom. It will be more superb if your whole decoration match the design. The all round white furniture will be contrast with the floor and gives the really impressive and elegant combination on your room. You can make the floor and the countertop the same color to emphasize the dark color vibes in the room. If you really love the Ikea design of the laminate floor, you still have chance to choose other color option. Ikea provides black brown wood pattern along with yellow and light green. So, have you decided what kind of floor laminate design that will suit you style on your room?

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