koi fish pond

koi fish pond

Placing koi fish pond is a good idea to make your home is going to be more homey and fresh with life fishes and water gurgling in the pond. Follow the instruction, goodness and review of installing koin fish pond in home and how you can gain many benefits from that simple suggestion. Some people argue that having koi pond should in large area of housing. Do not be trapped in its idea, because even when you have minimalist house you can fix to build a small pond for the koi fish and get the useful then. Koi is known as Japanese fish and how you can easily find it in every Japanese style of household. Japanese stay for natural look of home, thus fish pond is right option to emphasize its natural.

koi fish pondThe idea of koi fish pond in small size should be checked from the water filter and oxygen producers. When the pond is small it still imposes to provide sufficient oxygen and room for the fish. Some people even agree that koi is luck fish, thus many people preserve it in home. Here you can also keep koi in home even while your house is small. Yet build the pond in your terrace. How could it be, and how if you have no free space even in front of your house. That is easy. The pond is place below the floor. Believe it or not, you can change the floor with hard glasses, high quality of glasses. Here may allow you having steps above the water. Feel the different sensation of walking on water like you are walking on the sea.

koi fish pond designAnother option you should not place all part of pond below your terrace, but half of them is exist the surface. The free surface is used to feed them, since they are alive so you have to feed them at least twice every day. Oxygen tool is applied for nice circulation and colorful koi is ready to be placed. Orange, black and white koi or the combination between them will accompany your day in home. Fountain is also used for oxygen circulation if you want something fresh and natural. Koi fish pond should not be difficult anyway.

koi fish pond ideas