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Interior house paint colors

Painting the walls is one of the main tasks of the painting of the interior of the house. This article will help shed light on some tips and tricks to use masking tape to paint great walls.

Interior house paint colorsWith Interior house paint, with beautifully painted walls is important. A common method to paint the walls a first “cut-in” edges with a brush and fill in the middle regions of moving paint. For beginners or average DIY person cutting-in is usually covered with tape edges painted wall paint is then applied without much accuracy hoping that when the masking tape is removed from the freshly painted wall is a plain edge. Overall, the results are less than desirable, and the problem can sometimes be caused by an incorrect application of the tape, fortunately, there are some ways to improve the performance of the tape when used for interior house painting job.

Interior house paint ideasWhen applying the Interior house paint, apply it gently to stretch or over-pull. This gives a better chance of adhesive tape does its job and hold up better to the surface it is applied, reducing paint, which can leak out the bottom. When the tape is used lightly, press on the surface with a rag. From time to time any uneven or bumpy surface of the tape can be punctured by irregularities in the surface, but most of the interior house painting applications, the surface is relatively flat, so it should not be a problem. Fille and helps to break down the pressure while the glue stick better to the surface and prevents paint seepage.

Interior house paint decorWhen Interior house paint with a brush, start brushing and spreading the paint next to the tape before painting directly on the tape. When you spread out some of the paint on the wall next to the belt line brush line tape instead of paint brush strokes directly to tape. This reduces the likelihood that the flow of paint in accordance with tape and / or paint is forced to the tape in accordance with a brush.

There are also a few tricks to painting with masking tape, these tricks are only really comes to interior house painting, but it can really make a difference and change most people’s opinions on the tape I think. If you have the same color paint, tape to protect, you can paint with this color on the tape before painting a new color. This will fill in any gaps in the tape, so when you use the new color to all openings and paint seepage areas are already full of color throughout.

Interior house paint modernAnother way is to use seals in the same manner as above. Take clear caulking, mix it 4:01 with water and apply this mix tape before you can finish top coat. Be sure to tell this to dry, what this means is equal to the double layer of paint, it will fill in the gaps, and prevents paint from seeping under the tape.