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Exterior color combinations for houses examples

Now that you have taken into account the fixed features of your home, as well as the context in your neighborhood, you are ready to begin to consider your choice of colors available in the Exterior color combinations of your home. Poor color choice can make your house look flat, dull and uninteresting, and the colors you decide you do not want to overwhelm any aesthetic feature of the architecture of the building.

Light or dark colors?

As a general rule, lighter colors are typically bright house and make it look more spacious, although the darker colors can make the building seem smaller, but also pay attention to the details of your home. Dark colors also absorb and hold more heat, so they may not be a wise choice for warmer, sunnier areas.

Muted shades are becoming a popular choice. Some examples of these muted shades of colors like blue or green Colonial Windsor.

Number of colors

Exterior color combinations for houses examplesMost people tend to think of two color combinations when you plan to paint the Exterior color combinations surface of the home. This is a common mistake, and then three or four colors including the exterior of your home can have a dramatic effect.

Trim / Accents

A well-chosen selection of contrasting trim and accent colors can draw attention to architectural details and disguise any model errors. Bright accent colors are a good choice for doors and shutters. If you paint the outside of your home to sell it, a contrasting color of the door is a significant advantage, says many realtors.

Architecture of the building

Exterior color combinations ideasBe sure to find out what was the original colors in your home. Many times, people feel that the original color Exterior color combinations that are most appealing to their specific needs, the building type. This is especially true for historic homes. Ideally shows a typical Victorian style home with Victoria visual color, and so on.

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