Dark wood floors disadvantages


Even the Dark wood floors is very popular and stylish, they are not the most practical option for busy families. Dark Floors show dust and bumps, and it is very difficult to keep clean. Checks and cracks are a natural feature of the tree is increased on a dark floor, especially one of the glossy. Even the slightest irregularity subfloor is displayed in stalls when the sun shines into the dark floor in the right corner.

Dark wood floors kitchenAs the dark floors look so much more dust, homeowners tend to “clean up” stories. This causes the accumulation of cleaning a residue, which leaves the membrane layer. Even a good hardwood floor cleaners, who claim they do not leave residue, if the floor is clean too. You should limit the cleaning once a week and use the paper to polish the floor when the movie gets noticed on the floor.

Dark wood floors ideasDark wood floors, it is impossible to fix. Small nicks and scratches that do not penetrate the finish is very noticeable, and nothing can be done to fix them other than to replace the entire board. Even when the dent or scratch penetrates the finishing and repair can be done, no matter what was done to fix still stick out like a sore thumb. Harvested area is typically less glossy than the rest of the floor so that it will be just as noticeable, if not more, than it was before the repair process.

Dark wood floors decorating ideasIf you have your heart set on a Dark wood floors, you do not worry, there are options out there for less maintenance. One option would be to select a smaller alternative to the floor gloss. This helps to hide dirt and imperfections in the wood, but still require a lot of maintenance. Beauty dark low gloss floor that the nicks and scratches can usually be corrected easily something as simple as a smudge mark.

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