Blue accent wall

Blue accent wall ideas

I grew up with a mother loved the accent walls. When I say “Accent Wall”, I am referring to the room, in which only one wall is painted in one color and the other walls are white. I’m not sure if it was trendy to do so (in my defense, it was not that long ago!), Or if he was just afraid to use color more liberal way. He was always eager to make our home beautiful, which I give him credit, but increased detest Accent Walls.

Blue accent wall ideasNow I am an interior designer, I think people still have (and love!) Blue accent wall. When I get to the root of the preference, I think it is usually the fear of the color and what color can do in the room. The main concerns are that the color will make the room “dark” or “make the room look smaller.” Although I do agree with the results of the dreaded painting the whole room in one color, I agree that the accent walls is the right place to be and to do well. Contemporary, modern and eclectic interior design concept are ideal accent wall color. All other design requires some navigation to get an accent wall to the right.

Here are some tips for conducting room accent wall, should you choose to make one yourself:

How to choose an accent wall:
Blue accent wall living roomFind the center of the wall, a fireplace in the Blue accent wall, the wall where the bed will go to the wall at the end of the hallway or the official mark on the wall where the furniture arrangement, such as a table or bench.

-Find a wall within sight when you’re in the next room. Colour does double duty, if you can see it from the other room.

-Know where the main “background” on the wall. Typically, the wall frames furniture arrangement. This wall is usually the first wall you see when you walk into the space. (Try to walk around the house, every room of the new eyes. Which wall anchor that wall you see first? Wall What you see from the other room?)

Color Tips for Room accent wall:
-What space, accent walls are best achieved if all the walls are painted. Do not let the other walls plain white.

Blue accent wall bedroom-Option # 1: Blue accent wall, choose a dark or bold colors. Other walls, choose light to medium neutral color. Dark or bold accent color of the other walls a neutral color. For example, if you paint an accent wall muted mossy green, the neutral should be a cool undertone, not warm undertone. When you choose a neutral, try to stay close to the center of the color chip. If you go too light, it can not show you painted. Ivory is a neutral color option. Think of tan and beige, and cream and off-white.

-Option # 2: accent wall, choose a dark or bold colors. Other walls, choose a variation of dark or bold color. For example, if you choose a deep purple accent wall, look for muted lavender and other walls. When you select the color of the other walls, do not go too light (again, it’s pretty safe to stay towards the middle of the paint chip). The contrast is too high and the room will look choppy if the colors are too drastic. The contrast would be in the middle of the road.

Blue accent wall in kitchen



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