Asian paints bedroom : tangerine gold caller design

Asian paints bedroom ideas

Are you interested in Asian paints bedroom? We all know, Asia always have a bright feeling as the people there more than some other places. They also has so many bright ceremony to be held and sometimes we want to feel the hype of celebrating other than private thanksgiving. Item to make some room asia is bright color, either red or tangerine color. Red is usual, because it’s so common in Chinese ceremony, then how about tangerine? Well, if you pay attention not only Chinese but also Korean and Japanese use tangerine in every celebration in their country. They also think that tangerine color is similar to gold that will call other gold fellows to come to our house. Nice to hear that.

Asian paints bedroom ideasSo, if you are interested to make gold come to your house, you may want to try this design by Kimball Starr interior design with Asian paints bedroom in tangerine. I personally call it like that because the design break down the usual design to have two kind of base color dark and white. But here bravely she use tangerine. If the selection of color is based on the believe, you may want to add more tangerine color here. So from the floor and the wall, the designer paint that all in tangerine along with the paper lamp, just like lampion in Chinese in tangerine. And surprisingly it’s all look so awesome. The designer also have batik for the pillow and cushion so it looked traditional. To make it more to have tradional touch, the cabinet and the table in wooded dark brown. The ceramic stool on the side of the bedroom gives more asian vibe in the whole room. Just like it’s not enough, the designer put 3 pictures of cherry, two in tangerine background and white flowers, one in the center has tangerine flower and white background. So simple but yeah I can’t deny those combination is so incredible.

Asian paints bedroom decorWell, then if you maybe not a fond of tangerine, maybe you can reduce the amount of tangerine maybe from the floor because it will not too much affect the whole gold caller design in this Asian paints bedroom.

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